A Quick Review of 2013

2013 has been quite a year, for my personal life and for app development. The two main events this year have been getting married and, not long after, becoming an expectant Dad to be. These two big life events have meant a little less time for Apps On The Move than I anticipated at the start of the year. There have been a few minor updates to Trunk Notes in 2013 – and a bigger update which improved the user interface. Work is still ongoing to move Trunk Notes to iOS 7, and to fix a couple of remaining issues with the Dropbox sync. This should be completed in January. After this release I want to return to more frequent smaller updates and finally address some of the promised improvements from the forums.

Go Calc has remained untouched, at least it was until December. I have finally started work on an update to Go Calc. It will bring about an updated user interface and will be iOS 7 only. I’ve yet to decide whether this will be a new app or an upgrade.

A number of other projects have been started and paused. Trunk Notes for Mac and Android have been promised but have not yet reached a stage where they can be delivered. I’ve been using Trunk Notes for Mac on a daily basis however still need to work on so that it is suitable for release. Trunk Notes for Android has progressed but stalled towards the end of the year due to a lack of time.

My daily development job is working at One Result – a mobile and web development company in Birmingham. I’ve worked on some great apps for One Result this year. It started off with the fantastic news that an app I worked on was part of the Best of 2013 in the disruptive category. It then went on to see the release of Comics in the Classroom, a great app aimed at teaching history through comics. There have been lots of apps for enterprise customers, who I can’t mention, the development of augmented reality platform and a lone worker and personal safety solution. The year ended with a hack day which saw us develop a game in a day using SpriteKit – a new iOS 7 framework for making 2D games.

2014 looks to be an exciting year ahead – lots of stuff happening at One Result, major planned improvements to Trunk Notes and Go Calc, and of course a new baby Kennard.

To all of you who have been Trunk Notes and/or Go Calc users in 2013, Happy New Year!