A Quick Update On The Next Release Of Trunk Notes

Hello. I thought I would post a quick update on what is happening with the next release of Trunk Notes.

The next release will be 3.0! It won’t offer much in the way of new features, but has had parts of it extensively rewritten. Trunk Notes was the second iOS app I wrote back in February 2009. Since then much has changed, both in what is offered by iOS and my own knowledge at developing for the platform. Although much of the code for Trunk Notes is fairly well structured, some it had become confused and kept introducing and reintroducing bugs. Many of these issues were to do with layout of the UI, particularly with the toolbars, and annoyingly hard to reproduce problems when not on Wi-Fi. Instead of continually trying to patch up the code I decided on rewriting and cleaning up some of the core UI code. This isn’t quite yet finished but is getting to a state where it can be sent to some kind people who have volunteered to help test Trunk Notes 3.0.

Once I’ve released 3.0 I will be in an excellent position to push ahead with some more radical changes to the UI to bring it in line with some higher marketshare note taking apps. However don’t worry, I realise what makes Trunk Notes special and what it is that keeps you using it on your iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. Maybe I will even have time to finish the much promised Mac version (and get beyond a prototype for Android).

It is an exciting time to be a mobile developer, and although personal wikis aren’t exactly mainstream they are very powerful tools and developing Trunk Notes is great fun. There is more than one personal wiki available for iOS – however as a mobile app Trunk Notes is arguably the most powerful, and despite my lack of marketing a search for “personal wiki iOS” on Google has Trunk Notes the first named app in the results. Hopefully 2013 will see Trunk Notes gain more momentum and reach out to more people looking to manage information on their mobile devices.

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