Coming soon in Trunk Notes 2.4.5

Trunk Notes 2.4.5 is nearly ready for release. It contains a number of new features to give you even more control over your personal wiki.

First up is something which really should have been present from version 1.0 – page creation date. In Trunk Notes 2.4.3 and below the time a page is modified is stored, but the created date is not. Trunk Notes 2.4.5 rectifies this by keeping track of when pages were created. You can now view a list of all pages alphabetically, last updated, creation date and popularity. This will make it even easier to use Trunk Notes for journaling. Any existing pages will be assigned a page creation date of when they were last updated.

A popular request has been to support the use of file extensions when syncing to Dropbox. Trunk Notes will now cope with common file extensions such as .txt, .mkd, .md and .markdown. By default it will upload new files with a .markdown extension. This will make it easier for your text editor to recognise Trunk Notes files and provide appropriate syntax highlighting.

There are a number of new functions:

  • on/off: these allows you to set page flags. There are currently three page flags which can be changed – header, footer and easylinebreak. For example {{off header}} will stop Trunk Notes inserting the text from Special:Header at the top of a page. {{off easylinebreak}} allows you to write strict Markdown for a page and not have extra line breaks added
  • history: display the last n items viewed in Trunk Notes. Might be handy if you want such a list at the bottom of each page you view – just add {{history 5}} to Special:Footer
  • head/tail: if you are a UNIX geek you will recognise these. They allow you to insert the first or last n lines from a page. I use this will a one line journal I store in Trunk Notes. On my HomePage I have {{tail QuickDiary, 1}} to display the last entry from my journal

Another advanced feature being introduced allows you to customise how a list of wiki entries is sorted. This will be great for those of you who implement some kind of GTD system using Trunk Notes. For example {{action:priority

The last thing worth mentioning is that some issues with proxies and Trunk Notes’ Wi-Fi Sharing feature have now been fixed. This should help those of you who have a work web caching proxy or filter preventing you from using Trunk Notes in the office over wi-fi.

I am going through some final testing before sending a release candidate out to registered testers. Assuming no issues 2.4.5 should be available on the App Store in the next few weeks.