Easy text formatting in Trunk Notes

The last few blog entries have been about some of the more advanced features in Trunk Notes. This post is going to show how anyone can easily and quickly format their text using the Trunk Notes editor. If you aren’t yet a Trunk Notes user check out the end of this article for some promo codes!


Let’s get started…

Here is the Trunk Notes editor displaying some text:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz004

I’m going to change the first line into a heading. All I need to do is tap on it, and then tap the H button on the toolbar:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz005

Trunk Notes puts a # at the beginning of the line. That is code for a heading. If I want to I can change the type of heading by repeatedly tapping the H button:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz006

Now the first line is a second level heading – i.e. a heading which will appear in a slightly smaller font. If I tap it again it will put three #’s at the start of the line indicating a third level heading. Tapping it again will remove the heading #’s – back to where we started!

My next task is to turn the lines from the poems into a bulleted list. I simply tap on the first line and hit the bullet icon on the toolbar:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz007

I did the same on the second line to make it part of the list. I can continue adding to my list just by tapping return. Trunk Notes will automatically add the next bullet point for me:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz008

If I decide I don’t want the new bullet point tapping return will remove it for me. Lists work just like they do in most word processors.

I now want to make some of the poetry lines italic. Simple! I first select the text I want to make italic:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz009

and choose More… to access the text styles:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz010

I can make the text bold, italic, cross out the text or make it into a link to another page in my wiki. I’m going to choose italic:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz011

The text stays selected so that if you decide you don’t want italic after all you can just tap italic again to remove the styling. The text won’t look italic yet as we are still viewing the Markdown. Once the page is saved you can see the displayed formatting:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz012

You can now see how easily you can created formatted notes using Trunk. There is no need to know about Markdown – just tap!

If this post has inspired you to try Trunk Notes or recommend it to a friend then head over to the App Store (or send your friend in that direction!) On your way why not try a promo code from below. Promo codes only work once so they are first come first served… Don’t worry if you weren’t quick enough to use a code – Trunk Notes can be purchased for just $3.99.

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