Five reasons why you should use Trunk Notes

Here are just five reasons why you should use Trunk Notes…**

Link notes together. Most iOS note apps give you a list of notes, and maybe some folders to help organise your information. Trunk Notes gives you the power of creating hyperlinks. Write a plan for a dinner party and link to the recipes you are going to prepare. Start planning a story and link to the main characters. Linking provides you with real flexibility to create a personal information system.

Markdown makes it easy to add formatting. Many note apps allow you to change the font of all the text in a note, and maybe the background. Trunk Notes gives you the power to create headings, make text bold/italic, create numbered and bulleted lists and more. Markdown is easy to learn. Trunk Notes makes it even easier. Turn text into a heading by tapping the heading button on the toolbar. In the next version of Trunk Notes you can make text bold by selecting it and then tapping bold. Simple!

Plain text gives you control over your data. Trunk Notes can export your wiki into a bunch of text files. It can also sync text files to Dropbox. Edit the files with your favourite text editor. Even the metadata (geotags, last updated time, …) is human readable.

*Built in web server so you can edit your wiki in Windows/Mac OS X/Linux/… *All you need is a web browser and for your iPhone/iPad to be reachable over a wi-fi network. Pop Trunk Notes into Wi-Fi Sharing mode and you can use your favourite web browser to create and edit notes.

Dynamic content. For the power user Trunk Notes contains a powerful wiki engine. Create pages which pull in data automatically from the rest of the wiki – list the most recently edited pages, list all your todo items, add checkboxes and identify GTD actions.

These are just five reasons why you should use Trunk Notes. Read about some of the other great features (encryption, Dropbox syncing, custom stylesheets, images, sound recording, easy search, tagging, email formatted notes, …) on the Trunk Notes website.

Buy Trunk Notes on the App Store* for just $3.99.*