Getting More Out Of Trunk Notes

Trunk Notes is many things – a simple note taking app, an advanced personal wiki, a journaling tool, a place of private information, an iPhone app, a web server in your pocket. There are lots of places from which you can learn more about Trunk Notes. This blog post will give a brief run down of sources of information for getting more out of this powerful app.


First up is the Apps On The Move website. It gives a brief overview of the features in Trunk Notes and a link to the manual.

In addition to the manual (which comes with Trunk Notes) are some extra tools – Mac OS X command line decryption program/TextMate bundle, and Trunk Sync.

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The Trunk Notes app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch has lots of documentation built in. Just tap on the action button in the bottom right hand corner and choose help. You can then easily access the user guide, Markdown syntax, advanced formatting, dynamic content functions and the forum. There is also a handy getting started guide.


The iPad 2 Project Book has a whole chapter on getting started with Trunk Notes. It is a great place if you are a beginner in the world of personal wikis. It also has some excellent information about GarageBand, creating movies on your iPad and more. You can download a sample chapter and the index from the publishers website.


If you want information on more advanced usage the forum is a great tool. I have been astonished with what some users have done with Trunk Notes. Some of the highlights from the forum include:


Trunk Notes uses Markdown to help format your wiki pages. There are loads of great resources available. Try typing in Markdown into Google and start browsing. Some of the most useful include:


The final source of information I am going to mention is blogs. The Apps On The Move blog has a whole host of articles on doing cool stuff with Trunk Notes. There are also other blog articles written by others scattered around the Internet (this one is cool for Mac users)

I hope the links in this blog post have given you some useful sources of information and ideas about how you can get the most out of Trunk Notes. If you have any sources you would like to add please add them to the comments below.