My day and Trunk Notes

I received the monthly Mozilla email and loved the bit on how someone might use Firefox throughout their day. Being inspired by this I decided to write a quick overview of how I’ve used Trunk Notes today…

07:50 AM – Getting organised

Once I’m up and showered I start my day by checking my Trunk Notes home page to see if there are any important tasks which need doing today or tomorrow. Important tasks are any line in a note starting with @action. On my home page {{@dueinnext 2, @action}} lists my tasks. Thankfully nothing for the next few days :o) The next important item is my girlfriends’ cats birthday next week…

09:30 AM – Planning

My working day starts with a kick off meeting with the other guys in the software development team. Following from this will be a list of actions I plan to do today. These get written on a WorkPlanningMMYY page which I then refer to throughout the day. I sometimes refer to yesterdays page during the discussion.

*10:25 AM *- Research

One of my tasks today was to start adding IPv6 support to one of the key products being developed by the company I work for (what I’m doing when not working on Trunk Notes and Go Calc.) I made some notes on IPv6 in Trunk Notes for use when I start designing and coding the needed features.

1:00 PM – Checking iOS app sales

During my lunch break I usually check to see how many copies of Trunk Notes and Go Calc I sold yesterday. I store the password for the iTunes Connect system in an encrypted document alongside some other essential passwords such as my Amazon account details, and web server login.

6:20 PM – Shopping for this evenings meal

I can be a little disorganised when it comes to buying enough food for the week all in one go. Not fancying any of the left overs in my fridge I spent a few minutes looking through my list of recipes in Trunk Notes for some inspiration before going to the supermarket on the way home from work.

08:20 PM – Jotting down some ideas for this blog post

Just before watching yesterday’s Apprentice on the BBC iPlayer I typed up a few ideas for a new blog post using Trunk Notes on my iPad. I then synced to Dropbox so that the skeleton for this post would be on my computer ready to polish and post to

How have you used Trunk Notes today?