New Features In Trunk Notes 2.3.0

There are two big new features in Trunk Notes 2.3.0 – iPad support and encryption.

I quickly realised why lucky US customers were so keen for iPad support once I finally got my own. Being in the UK I had to wait a little longer ;o)

The iPad support in 2.3.0 is admittedly fairly basic. It works well in landscape mode and is now a very quick way to enter information into your wiki. There are a few popovers which are a nice way to work. I plan to review how Trunk Notes works on the iPad and may produce an iPad specific version which is designed specifically for the device.

Encryption was implemented months ago. However you need certification from the US Government before Apple will include it on the App Store. This is not a simple process and takes 40+ days. Now though you can encrypt selected wiki entries using AES-256 encryption. Once encrypted the note stays encrypted until a password is entered. This is also true for Trunk Notes backups. Take a backup of your wiki with some encrypted entries and encrypted notes will appear in gibberish if viewed on your computer. This is not a simple passcode as is present on many other note taking apps on the iPhone. If you forget the password you chose you will not be able to view your encrypted notes!

Another change is faster loading of pages on the device. You should find that you can now navigate your wiki much more quickly that you could before.

There are a couple of new functions – {{untagged}} and {{tags}}. {{untagged}} gives you a list of all pages which have no tags assigned. {{tags}} shows a list of tags for the current note.

It is now easier to see where you have wiki links which don’t go anywhere. Any WikiWords which don’t have a corresponding page will be highlighted in red.

Images are also handled slightly differently. Prior to 2.3.0 all images were saved at the resolution you see them on your iPhone. Now images imported from the photo library are saved in their native resolution.

A basic feature, which is very much overdue, is being able to tap the status bar to scroll to the top of a note. Apologies for taking so long to include this!

The final important improvement is a new icon. This was designed by a Trunk Notes user, Alexander, and is a huge improvement over what came before. It looks especially nice on my iPad.

There are a few other minor changes which you can see in the changelog on the forum.

As always with major updates a few minor bugs have managed to creep their way in. I hope to fix any issues which have been reported so far and have an update out in the next week or so.

Finally, I have been spending some quality time with Trunk Sync. This will hopefully be ready for more general consumption soon. It syncs your Trunk Notes to a folder on your Mac (Windows support coming soon) – including images and sounds. It supports bi-directional synchronization so any notes updated on your computer will be synced back to your mobile device.

Oh – and I’ve also started a refresh of the website. Let me know what you think…

I hope you enjoy Trunk Notes 2.3.0.