Some new advanced features coming in 2.4.2

There are a number of new features coming in 2.4.2 – in addition to some bug fixes. These features are aimed at more advanced usage and help make Trunk Notes even more flexible.

The first new feature is two new pages – Special:Header and Special:Footer. Any text added to these pages will be included on all pages. You might want to include in your header links to the most commonly visited pages, and in the footer a list of all back links to the current page. You could even include JavaScript you want on each page – don’t forget the Trunk Notes comes with jQuery 1.4.x.

The second is an enhancement to the built-in snippets feature. In Trunk Notes 2.4.1 you can’t define a snippet to insert the current date. If you define a snippet containing the text {{timestamp}} then you insert a function rather than a static timestamp – not very useful for journalling. In 2.4.2 any snippet which starts with !! will evaluate any functions before the text is inserted. So a snippet called Snippet:d with the text !!{{timestamp}} will insert the current date into the note you are writing.

Some other changes in this release include:

  • TextExpander Touch support is being extended to the title field at the top of the screen.
  • Snippets are now shown as raw Markdown
  • Special: and Docs: pages are not shown in the page lists
  • On upgrade you are given the opportunity to be taken to an overview of the new features and fixes