Trunk Notes 2.2.0 nearly ready for release

Trunk Notes 2.2.0 is almost ready for release.

The big new feature in this release is support for encrypted notes. This makes Trunk Notes the ideal place to store private information, such as journal entries. Simply tap the action button and select encrypt. The note is then encrypted in the database using AES256 encryption. The note stays encrypted in backups to keep your information hidden.

This release was to feature encryption. However due to my laziness and not reading up on Apple’s policies properly it will be delayed (encryption not the whole 2.2.0 release!) If you want to include encryption in an app, even if that encryption is provided by a standard Apple library that is shipped on the iPhone, you have to get U.S. Government approval. This can take up to 40 days – and there are LOTS of steps to go through. If you have been provided a beta release and find encryption useful you may want to hold off updating to the final release!

2.2.0 features more dynamic content. You can add checkboxes to a wiki entry. For example {{check Buy Eggs}} will add a checkbox with the label “Buy Eggs”. Another useful feature is tagcloud. This displays all of your tags using larger fonts for those tags which are more commonly used. Finally there is the within function. This uses geotags which were introduced in the last release of Trunk Notes. Simply write {{within 4km, HomePage}} to get a list of all notes which have a geotag within 4km of the HomePage geotag. Miles are also supported!

There are of course some other features which add to the flexibility and power of Trunk Notes.

  • The ability of disable data detectors useful for those of you who hate numbers being turned into links which might dial a random somebody
  • Mailing a note now includes any images or sound recordings
  • Links to web pages and links to wiki entries now look different
  • The search bar now ignores accents to make it easier for you to find your thoughts on a cool café you ran across last week
  • Some minor fixes – remove header line when using the {{action}} function, new splash screen and renaming no longer allows you to change the title of a page to something illegal such as “Docs:MyStuff”

Hopefully these new features will allow you, and those who have yet to be properly introduced to Trunk Notes, to create an even more useful personal wiki and information system on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

As always your comments, suggestions and feedback is very much welcomed. It’s always great to hear what users do with your software! Get in touch via email (, the forum ( or Twitter (