Trunk Notes 2.4.3

Trunk Notes 2.4.3 has been submitted to Apple for approval. This release contains a few bug fixes and some minor enhancements.

The changes include:

  • Random function now evaluates wiki functions before displaying line
  • Full text search now only requires two or more characters
  • Fixed: Fix for case insensitive searching for some international characters
  • Fixed: Inline CSS now correctly handled
  • Fixed: functions correctly expanded in blockquotes

The text search change will prove useful for users of languages such as Chinese, and the improved case insensitive searching should help you if you speak Russian or other languages which previously slightly confused Trunk Notes. Thanks to a Trunk Notes user, Peter, for helping sort this out.

The modified random function will allow you to pick lines at random from pages containing other dynamic content.

The most interesting thing that Trunk Notes 2.4.3 allows you to do is more advanced CSS styling.

For example you might always want a list of back links displayed at the bottom of each wiki page. So you define Special:Footer to have the text {{backlinks}}. This however will show a bulleted list of backlinks taking up room on the page.

What would be nicer is to have the back links listed horizontally and in a smaller font.

In 2.4.3 this is (sort of) easy. Here is my Special:Footer (whose text remember is appended to the bottom of every page),

Screen Shot 2012 08 18 at 21 01 59

It starts off with a horizontal line (the —–). What then follows is a CSS style. This is how in web pages you define how something appears – colours, fonts, borders, etc. There are lots of references on the web if you aren’t familiar with CSS.

Finally comes the backlinks function. A special syntax is used to apply the style defined above so the back links appear differently. The line starts with a ‘>’ and then has the style name with %’s either side. Anything that appears immediately below which also has a ‘>’ at the start of the line will have this style applied.

Here is what it might look like:

Screen Shot 2012 08 18 at 21 02 09

Not a terribly exciting screenshot but you get the idea. This technique works both on the device and in Wi-Fi Sharing mode.

I look forward to seeing how far users might take this technique.