Trunk Notes 3 - another update

I think an update on Trunk Notes 3 is due. Trunk Notes is a project I work on separate to my day job (which is also writing apps for mobile devices) – and as such it isn’t always easy to find time to work on it, especially when I decided on the big project of rewriting much of the code.

Many of the minor bugs and issues were due to code that was first written in February 2009 still being in place – code no longer fit for purpose when running on iOS 5 and 6. Trunk Note originally ran on iOS 3.2 – and Apple has changed many things in that time. Thankfully my list of things to finish off now has only five or six minor items. A beta will be sent out in the next couple of weeks. I’m not anticipating it being long after that before a release is submitted to Apple.

Most of the work has been behind the scenes – and may only be noticeable to those of you frustrated by lack of iPhone 5 support, occasional toolbar weirdness on the iPad and other such issues. However I’ve also started a minor refresh of the user interface. Trunk Notes has never been about wowing you with skeuomorphic interfaces – rather it has been about giving you a powerful base on which to store information in a mobile personal wiki. I’ve also been taking the opportunity to tighten how words are used in the interface. The concept of notes is gone – where appropriate wiki pages are referred to as pages, which is what they are. Creating a new page is now much more obvious for new users.

Once released I should then be able to power ahead with many of the features those of you in the Trunk Notes community have been suggesting over the past couple of years.

Here are some screenshots (on an iPhone 5 and iPad) of what things will look like in Trunk Notes 3:

IOS Simulator Screen shot 17 Mar 2013 18 18 57     IOS Simulator Screen shot 17 Mar 2013 18 19 29

IOS Simulator Screen shot 17 Mar 2013 18 19 58