Trunk Notes 4.2.0

A minor update to Trunk Notes has been submitted to Apple. This release has a few new features and some bug fixes.

Minor annoyances fixed are:

  • {{random pagename}} crashing Trunk Notes if pagename is the same as the page containing the random function.
  • The page location was being updated even when it shouldn’t have been.

There are a couple of small improvements:

  • Dropbox sync continues if the app is backgrounded. This isn’t the oft promised and long awaited automatic Dropbox sync, however it makes things a tiny bit nicer.
  • The {{recent}}, {{popular}} and {{created}} functions now ignore system pages with the prefixes Special: and Docs:.

The new features are:

  • An in-app browser is used instead of pushing you out to Safari when you tap on a web link. This will make Trunk Notes hugely better for those of us who have pages filled with links – particularly when used for research. The in-app browser can open the page in Safari or Chrome if you want the power of a full web browser.
  • The action button now shows a “Share To…” option. This gives you the ability to share the text of a page with other apps on your system more seamlessly than the copy/paste workflow necessary before.

If you enjoy using Trunk Notes and find it an valuable companion to your digital life please leave a review on the App Store!