Taking Trunk Notes on holiday

I have just returned from a wonderful five days in Venice, Italy. I used Trunk Notes to help organise the trip before going and to jot down important information whilst I was there.

To help organise all my Venice related notes I tagged everything with ‘Venice’. From my HomePage tag cloud I could then quickly access any of the related pages.


Here are some of the notes I created before travelling:

  • What I should pack, and a list of stuff todo (such as booking Euros, phoning bank to let them know I am going abroad)
  • Created an Italian food dictionary. If you want decent food in Venice then stay away from the main tourist areas (especially those with a ‘tourist menu’) – however the menu is likely to be in Italian.
    Restaurant menu in Italian
  • Transferred some information from http://europeforvisitors.com/venice/articles/venice-islands-tour.htm on touring the Lagoon islands
    Islands tour
  • Added PDFs of important travel documents such as my Expedia travel itinerary, car parking voucher, pre-purchased museum voucher and travel insurance. This is a new feature of Trunk Notes 2.5.0 which allows you to store PDFs in Trunk Notes. I added all of these documents by dragging them into the Trunk Notes iTunes Sharing window
  • Created lots of other notes on recommended restaurants and places to visit

Trunk Notes wasn’t the only app I used when away. Some other useful apps included:

  • mtrip Venice (offline maps and routing)
  • CityMaps2Go (more offline maps and one of Verona which I spent a day visiting)
  • TapVenice Eating – excellent restaurant recommendations with price guides, telephone numbers and maps. Only downside is that when switching to another app it doesn’t background properly and can use up the battery
  • iCurrencyPad for currency conversion
  • Michelin Europe – more restaurant recommendations
  • Photosynth – excellent for creating panoramas for places such as the Arena in Verona (looks much better in the Photosynth app)
    Arena in Verona