Using IconProject with Trunk Notes


A quick post about IconProject and how you can use it with Trunk Notes. IconProject is an app which allows you to add icons to your iPhones home screen which launch URLs (no jail breaking required!) The URLs can be any URL you want, include the special URLs to Trunk Notes pages.

The app is easy to use and creates really nice looking icons.

In the above screenshot I used it to create an icon which takes me straight to my passwords note.

You can link to any Trunk Notes page. A link to a Trunk Notes page starts with tn://. As well as normal pages you can also use URLs to create new pages.

  • tn://Special:NewText
  • tn://Special:NewImage
  • tn://Special:NewCamera

It’s quite cool to be able to have an icon on your homepage which takes a picture with the camera and adds it straight into your personal wiki.

More information about IconProject