Exporting Go Calc calculations

Go Calc is a great tool for businesses. You can easily create some custom calculators and then distribute them to your team to use. It could be a calculator which helps one of your sales reps work out potential profit on an in-progress sale, or the number of units to purchase to cover the floor with tiles.

Once you've created the calculations the next step is to export them so that the team can install them on their devices.

In Go Calc tap the action button at the bottom of the screen. This will show some options:

Tap Import/Export.... This will put Go Calc into a special mode allowing you to connect to it from your computer.

Your iPhone and computer must both be on the same Wi-Fi network or have access over the local area network (i.e your computer is wired but can still access devices connected via Wi-Fi). If you have any problems doing this in a work environment speak with your IT department.

Go Calc should now be showing you a screen similar to this one:

The most important thing on this screen is the address to enter into your computers web browser. In the above example the address is It is important that the whole address is entered, including the :10000.

If you enter that address into your computers web browser you will be asked for a username and password. By default Go Calc expects the username gocalc and the password password. You can change these in your iPhone's Settings app.

Once entered you should see a screen similar to the below:

You can then export individual calculations or backup all of your calculations.

Doing either will download a file to your computer. You can then send that via email to your colleagues who are also using Go Calc.

They then put Go Calc into Import/Export mode and can either do Import Calculations or Restore Backup.

Restore Backup will remove any existing calculations they may have and replicate exactly what the user had when they exported the calculations.

Import Calculations will add the calculations to their existing calculations.

If you are using Go Calc with your team it would be great to hear from you in the comments below!