Trunk Notes 2.5.7

Christmas is approaching and so is a new release of Trunk Notes. It is currently in the Apple approval queue along with countless apps for the holiday season – which is why it’s not quite on the App Store yet.

There are four main changes in this release. Two new functions and some custom stylesheet enhancements.

The new functions are prefix and search. These allow you to search for and display lists of matching pages.

Lets say you want a list on your HomePage of all pages whose title starts with Meeting. Simply add {{prefix Meeting}}. If you use namespaces to separate parts of your wiki this can be used to create mini contents pages for each section.

The second new function is search. As you might guess this produces a list of notes by searching the notes for a specific word or phrase. For example {{search Trunk Notes}} will give you a list of all pages containing the phrase “Trunk Notes”.

The other two changes are both related to CSS. CSS is how web pages (and pages in your Trunk Notes wiki) determine what styling (fonts, colours, etc) to use.

The first change is how the* {{stylesheet}}* function works. In previous versions of Trunk Notes if you wanted to specify a stylesheet for use on a particular page, e.g.* {{stylesheet HomePageStylesheet}} then that stylesheet had to include all of the stylesheet information needed to display the page sensibly. This was true even if all you wanted to do was change the font to be slightly larger. In 2.5.7 {{stylesheet}}* adds the styles on top of the main stylesheet.

For example if I wanted on my HomePage to make the font smaller so that more information could fit I could create a new page called HomePageStylesheet and in that add the text:

body {

font-size: 14px;


Then add* {{stylesheet HomePageStylesheet}} *somewhere in HomePage. This makes it much easier to create styles to be used only on specific pages.

Related to this change is the ability to define styles which get applied to pages with certain tags. If you have a page with the tag “Large Font” you can now use a CSS class .tag-largefont to define how you want the content to look. For example:

body.tag-largefont {

font-size: 18px;


Hopefully Trunk Notes 2.5.7 will be in the App Store any day now – as soon as Apple have reviewed all of the Christmas Cracker apps sitting ahead of it in the queue!