Using Emoticons In Trunk Notes

Emoticons are a great way to draw attention to important information on your wiki pages. I hadn’t really thought about them until a Trunk Notes user recently emailed me with how he was using them.
To start with you need to enable Emoticons on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I used the free app Emoji Enabler (App Store link). Once you have run the app and followed the instructions you will be able to easily add emoticons to your wiki entries just by tapping on the world icon in the keyboard.

All too often you see emoticons overused but used sparingly can makes wiki entries look more exciting and easier to use.
You can also easily use emoticons as links to wiki pages. For example you might show flags to link directly to sales figures for different countries:

Just use the | (pipe) symbol inside [[ ]] and then add after it the icon to display.