Using the HomePage to inspire you

Use the home page in your Trunk Notes personal wiki to inspire you.

My home page is my information launch pad. It has links to the main categories of notes I need to refer to daily.

My home page though also is there to inspire me. I’m a huge devourer of books and I’m constantly updating my quotes page as I read. I also have a large list of books on my ToRead list and it’s nice to be reminded exactly what gems are still unread.

Trunk Notes can be easily made to integrate my quotes and to read list onto my home page using the wonderful random function.


To display a quote:

{{random Quotes}}

This picks a random line from my Quotes and displays it in italics to stand out. For another fun use of random have a look at this previous blog post.

To get Trunk Notes to poke me with a book still unread:

[[ToRead]]: {{random ToRead}}

The ToRead being a link to my list of books.

So, that is two ways in which Trunk Notes inspires me on my home page. If you have any examples of home page inspiration post them below or add them to the forum!